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Health & Wellness

Digital Front Door

- Designed reusable page layouts and modular components (organisms) for Walmart Health & Wellness's Digital Front Door pages.

- This allows Site Operations teams to make changes and adapt to new business needs quickly, using Walmart's Content Management System (CMS).

- Since the deployment of these modules, there's been little to no need for engineering teams to rewrite code. Any updates can be made directly through Walmart's CMS.

Scheduling components

Unified across all lines of businesses.

- Worked closely with Design Directors across different teams in the organization (Pharmacy, Vision Center, Auto Care, etc.) to completely redesign and build the customer scheduling experience.

- Our key principles were reusability, scalability and to ensure that the designs are accessible to millions of customers with varying needs.


- My collaboration with the teams ensured a seamless user experience when booking any service at Walmart, whether it's for prescriptions, eye exams, car maintenance, or any other services that are offered from Walmart.


More coming soon

Currently updating my design portfolio...  Stay tuned  :)

- Identity verification (Coming soon)

- Design System for Health & Wellness (Coming soon)

- Roadmap and Timeline management (Coming soon)

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