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About the song

'Nei Thikana' is the voice of our inner wanderer. We explore with a spirit of adventure and we experience it with an open heart.

The events in our lifetime may often be interpreted as a ‘destination’ but they are truly an endless journey. Imagine climbing to the top of a mountain, we'd celebrate for sure but we still have to climb back down ... right? And even after we've climbed down, our thirst for adventure leads us to experience more exciting things.

What's on your list right now?

- Watching an active volcano?
- Deep sea diving with whales?
- Dancing with auroras?

Our life is truly a series of these experiences. We might then ask... but how about after our last breath? Isn't that the end of our journey?

Truly, we ascend to another form of experience that is beyond the capacity of our biological sensory and processing systems. Energies can never be lost... but they only move from one form to another. And so, it still holds true that our state of being, whether living or beyond, is always an ‘endless journey’.

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About the artist

Hi, this is Usayed! You may know me by other names and while those names tend to have a varying persona, truly, at the core of them all is 'The Wanderer'.

I wrote the song 'Nei Thikana' with the intent to discover who I am, deep within. And that's how I found the voice of my inner wanderer. But to get started on this process, I had to set myself at ease. So I asked a simple question:

"What's the most serene experience for me?"

I realized it was when I'd quietly watch a sunrise or sunset over the horizon. And so... at the beginning of the song, I hummed how I feel in that state of serenity.


After centering myself, I asked a couple more.

'Where am I going?'

I realized, while there are many milestones that lay ahead of me, I am truly not trying to arrive anywhere specific... I am always intrigued by the mysterious and unfamiliar road ahead... and I want to keep an open heart to welcome any experience as they come.

'Why do I do all the things I do?'

I realized, that everything I do is for those I connect with while I'm on this journey of life and beyond.

- My family and friends
- My accompanying wanderers

- The environment, it's flora and fauna
- And sometimes, complete strangers

Giving unconditional love to them is how I find joy and fulfillment. I try to consistently remind myself to have compassion and show kindness, be lighthearted and enjoy this endless journey ahead of me.


Contributing Artists


Kazi AnanS.A.L Studios

Music, Mix and Master


Sayon Mansang 



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Digital Goodies

Music is more than just the art of sound. It can be expressed in many forms and these forms can resonate that music.

Hope you enjoy these digital goodies to create your own interpretation of the music and find your own version of inner wanderer.

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