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Timer Design

Accelo Feature Release

Q4 - 2021

- Collected qualitative & quantitate data from UserVoice and Heap

- Worked with UX researchers to facilitate user interviews

- Conducted surveys and user need exercises with current users

- Facilitated Crazy 8s sessions with developers and portfolio teams
- Worked with UX and UI Designers to consolidate end look and feel

- Milestone check-ins with stakeholders to get designs approved

- Built new design components for the Accelo Design System

- Built and reviewed behavior documents with my design team

- Worked with POs to build a release plan for beta and global users

Design Systems

Accelo's DS, DLS and Tokens

Q2 - 2021

- Worked with stakeholders to invest in an atomic design systems

- Conducted research and best practice for DS, DLS and Tokens

- Built a team of designers to focus build and operate the systems

- Created frameworks for local and global system components

- Collaborated with engineers to integrate Figma and Storybook

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Design Roadmaps

Product and Design Lifecycle

Q3 - 2021

- Shaped out Design Roadmap based on Business Value Ranking

- Used a combination of Sprints and Kanban to meet deliverables

- Visualized quarterly goals before, during and after PI planning

- Utilized Roadmaps to understand the need for addtional resources

- Manage design features and systems with internal product teams

Design Workshops

Accelo's Product Lifecycle

Q3 - 2021

- Worked with key stakeholders to iron out Accelo's Product Lifecycle

- Implemented design check-ins within Research and Dev phases

- Strategically positioned our design process in product's lifecycle

- Created release cycles and quarterly cadences of our processes

- Defined milestones for stakeholder share-out and buy-in

- Created Confluence documentation to align with partner teams

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