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Product suite

Insurance Marketplace |  Medical Bill Saver  |  RxSaver

2019 - 2020

Studies have shown that in the United States, 80% people pick the wrong health insurance. And medical expenses are the most common cause for majority of bankruptcies in the country. Our goal was to enable our members to save from all possible directions, including:

- Picking the right health insurance plan through our marketplace

- Saving on medical bills through a bill auditing program
- Saving on prescription through our partners at RxSaver


Then we thoughtfully introduced these products and services into our member's user journey at pivotal points, without overwhelming them.

Atomic Design System

Built KindHealth's Atomic DS from scratch

2019 - 2020

Here's a snapshot of the KindHealth Design System following B. Frost's Atomic DS principles. I had the privilege to build this system, entirely on my own from scratch (using the good ol' Sketch app). Each column is a repository of UI components and assets built from Atoms, Molecules, Organisms and Page Templates.

Click image to Enlarge

Click image to Enlarge

Full suite prototype

Running on demand usability tests

2019 - 2020

What looks like a pixelated machine-gun is actually a snapshot of the entire web experience. We also used it to generate high fidelity prototypes and make design variations very quickly. This also allowed us to get better feedback as we were testing on prototypes that were closer to the final design (than just low/medium fidelity). All thanks to the design system, which would always be updated to the latest look and feel. We also used a combination of and InVIsion prototypes to run our tests by using focused areas from this file.

The webshop

Leading to marketplace and other services

2019 - 2020 is the one stop shop for all things health insurance. There are hundreds of plans to choose from but KindHealth makes a recommendation to the user (using a proprietary algorithm) based on the user's individual insurance needs.

Desktop Home page.png
KH Array.png

Enrollment experience

Form fields, quotes, billing and more . . . 

2019 - 2020

Here is a collection of some happy path screenshots. This was the most challenging and exciting problems for us to solve. Entering information through elaborate forms are never fun for the user. But we've gone above and beyond to ensure a very streamlined experience by grouping the questions in an efficient and engaging way.

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