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Usayed Mahmood

Design Strategist | Creator | Investor

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Design Strategist / Lead UX

Jan 2021 - present

Role highlights:

- Establish design pillars and methodologies to increase UX maturity

- Build global teams to promote design driven development

- Enhance design system with new and improved brand strategy

- Play in a hybrid role as a Manager and IC to support my teams

- Promote resourcefulness with tested systems to deliver faster

- Balance short & long term solutions for continuous improvement

- Facilitate collaboration across time-zones for design engagement

- PI planning with stakeholders to strategize product roadmap


Lead UX Designer

Mar 2019 - June 2020

Role highlights:

- Built KindHealth’s entire Atomic Design System from scratch

- Created Hi-Fi userflow of the entire web experience on Sketch

- Moderated Zeplin workflow with Product and Dev Teams

- Conducted research studies and user surveys on

- Ran usability tests via with InVision prototypes

- Created wireframes and paper prototypes to get early feedback

- Weekly requirements gathering with COO and VP of Product

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Whirlpool Corporation

Digital UX Designer

Jun2 2016 - Nov 2016

Role highlights:

- Created low to high fidelity wire-frames and user flows
- Designed gesture interactions for LCD and HMI interfaces

- Use case documentation of interactions and behaviors
- Collaborated with industrial designers and engineers
- Collaborated with graphic and motion design studios
- Worked alongside global UX teams in EMEA, Brazil, Mexico and India to satisfy regional needs

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